I have a background in science and engineering and was orignally drawn to SLR photography by the technology. However, after joining a Camera Club, I gradually became more interested in the artistic aspects of photography. In fact I find the technical aspects very straightforward as you can always read a book but developing artistic skills is a much greater challenge for me.

I started my photography as a teenager but was drawn into buying my first SLR in 1972 a Praktica Nova (2nd hand) but then bought my first new camera in 1973 a Canon Ftb. I started developing B&W immediately but moved to colour home processing in 1979 when it was a serious challenge to maintain chemicals at 40 degrees centrigrade with less than 1 degree error. I started experimenting in digital processing in 1996 first using an Acorn RiscPC which was the only home computer fast enough to process images in real time. I did not actually buy my first DSLR until 2005 (a Canon EOS 20D) but now have an EOS 5D Mk II. I have had the 20D converted to Infra Red.

I seem to photograph most subjects and refuse to specialise though recognise that those who do can become quite expert in their chosen subjects.

I have maintained membership of a Camera Club which has enabled me to benefit from the experiences of others; there is a lot of collective expertise in a medium or large club. I do enjoy photographic competitions and have entered club, national and international competitions and this has enabled me to earn several photographic distinctions. The challenge of earning these distinctions acts as a motivator to improve and develop but are an aside compared with the enjoyment I get from the challenge of capturing, processing and presenting an image. While all my images are entirely my own work, I am happy to use any tools available to achieve the outcome I am looking for.